Storage, Distribution & Fulfillment Center for eCommerce

hands & space you need

   We store your inventory, pick and ship your product where and when you want it.


You have complete control over your own inventory through an online interface, making your product go wherever it needs to go.

     We are also an online distribution center for sellers offering drop-shipping, retail distribution or direct-to-shopper fulfillment distribution services (B2C).  The warehouse can accommodate all kinds of products. We specialize in inventory management receiving and stocking items we get directly from your wholesaler or manufacturer.  Our storage space can handle your special needs with specialized buildings, offering refrigeration or air conditioning.
   Once you are stocked with products (merchandise) our systems and people are ready for re-distribution to retailers or order-fulfillment to  your customers or end-users and visible online in real time.  Whether you are a whole-seller offering directly to consumers or to your dealers our distribution center can help you automate any "order processing" elements, for an efficient "order-fulfillment" process.  Our distribution-center is  designed for Product Fulfillment services, with "demand driven" services.   Whether you call us a distribution  or an order fullfilment center, a warehouse, a DC, bulk break center, package handling center, a virtual warehouse or an efulfillment service provider, we are here to help you achieve your goals.  You move your fingers on with Computer and the internet, we will move your boxes.  Our cross-dock facility can manage all the process from stock inventory to packaging or simply shipping your already packed items.  Over the last five years, we were able to implement a set of processes to minimize the carbon-foot print of our company. 


   Our state of the art, order fulfillment center does not only handle packaging and shipping to customer, but also to retailers and brick & mortar stores whether owned by the customer or third party dealers.   We understand that your distribution centers are the foundation for an efficient operation as the most important element of your supply chain, merging the network of manufacturers or wholesalers with shoppers and retailers.  We believe a single location to stock a vast number of products for both retail distribution and direct-to-consumer, sharing space, equipment, labor resources and inventory as applicable is the best solution for people handling smaller products.  Furthermore, we offer assembly services on demand to complement everyday needs or special assignments you might find.  Just call us and explain what you need to be done and we will give you a quote based on production and man-hours.  We have vast experience controlling production-line costs with efficient conveyer belt and all materials required for fast and accurate turn-around.
   The way a typically serve 50–125 stores. Suppliers ship to us truckloads of products and parts for assembly. We put together the product, bundles or point of sale displays store them until needed by the retail location or consumer purchase.
   We are equipped to handle large or small retailers, whether you sell a few items a week from one vender, or thousands of products from thousands of vendors, our distribution center can help you coordinate the distribution of products, as your dedicated fulfillment partner.
   Our primary role is to receive large quantities of products and ship small quantities to individuals or small stores branches, with all required storage. We assist you with inventory forecasting and support "just in time" stocking of items, minimizing investment, storage and maximizing profits.   This requires the ability to ship a replacement quickly once an item is sold, a process we call "replenishment". By keeping product on hand in the warehouse to be distributed immediately if necessary.-
    As goods arrive, our replenishment team use our proprietary dynamic-allocation systems to minimize use of space but maintain storage speed.  From the moment we start processing a replenishment,  our fulfillment pick and pack teams can start picking and packing your customer orders to be out the same day your product arrives.
    Pallets are one of the most commonly used means to store and move product in a distribution center.   We use specialized  MHE devices to handle pallets, several forklift trucks, pallet jacks, pallet inverters, and dock-unit loads ASRS are available throughout the warehouse areas for convenient pallets storage on the floor.  Furthermore, individual small pieces are located in bins that are stacked, if they may be stored in pallet racks.  We purchase thousands of cases, cartons and boxes that help package many items.  Your goods are received and stored in cartons or bins. Once ready for shipping, we pcik or pull your product is packed in cases.  We close the box securely with fiber re-inforced tape, the address is waiting for us by scanning a tag, and your shipment is on its way to destination through proper carrier selection, whether dictated by you or by our Best-rate System.  We are prepare for seasonal changes or promotions that trigger shopping sprees in your store.  For instance, we prepared the warehouse for Christmas shopping season - the busiest of the year.  Hiring extra helpers and extending pick-up times for longer working hours.  Furthermore, we are ready to accommodate double the amount of inventory throughout the warehouse.   Please give us chance to be your order-fulfillment and logistics Partner, you will not be disappointed.

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